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Teak outdoor floor

Teak outdoor floor
  • Product Introduction

Known as the "king of Wanmu", teak has always been the first choice for luxury palaces and high-class villas, luxury cruise ships, high-end yachts and luxury car interiors all over the world. Teak - the world's best recognized floor wood, is the only wood that can withstand seawater erosion and sun exposure without bending or cracking.

Basic Information

Chinese name

Teak flooring


The more beautiful the more, the better the stability, the moisture, the acid and alkali


Burmese teak flooring

Unique craft

Sun exposure - uniform color teak oily

Latin name

Tectona grandis L.F.

Place of origin



Stable, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosive, anti-mite, acid-proof, alkali-proof, UV-resistant

1, rich in iron and oil, can drive snakes, insects, rats, ants;

2, good stability, micro-pinhole stable structure, after professional drying treatment, the strength is toughness, dimensional stability, is the smallest of all wood shrinkage and swelling deformation;

3, extremely wear-resistant, with the distinctive characteristics of moisture, corrosion, insects, acid and alkali;

4, the color of the classic color, the color is very rich decorative effect. The oily shadows are beautiful and the texture is elegant.

5, good elasticity, comfortable feet, is the best in the floor;

6, the unique mellow, sedative effect on the human nervous system.

7, the time is new, the color is more beautiful with the passage of time.


Drying treatment

Rich in oil and iron, teak is the core of the world's best flooring materials. Its drying process is very professional and special. Any non-professional treatment method that causes oil loss or damage to oil quality may give quality. Bring hidden dangers. Teak flooring production process needs to fully retain the oil and fat components in teak.

Generally, the floor drying is usually carried out by high-temperature drying. If the Burmese teak floor is also used in this way, it is easy to damage the oil and fiber structure. Teak flooring is best if it can be used in the traditional way of natural dryness. After years of research and practice, it has created a unique drying technology to make the water fully lost without destroying the oil and fiber structure. With oil, it retains its activity. The active oil is oxidized by photosynthesis to a golden yellow color, and the color is more beautiful with the extension of time. The difference between ordinary wood and old wood is long and dull. Teak is used like jade for a long time, not only It will lose its luster, and the more you use it, the more beautiful it will be.

Teak is more full-bodied after drying, the three-dimensional color is obvious, stable, and the layering is very strong. The overall effect is radiant, and it is resistant to ultraviolet rays and is not easy to fade.

Teak floor waxing method:

Teak flooring can be directly waxed without the need for paint, usually by hand waxing, which is also paraffin wax, also known as watering wax. First, after the floor wax is melted at a high temperature, the temperature is maintained at about 80 ° C ~ 100 ° C, and then the wax is directly poured onto the teak floor with the corresponding tool, the wax oil is absorbed by the floor and immersed deep inside the floor, and then passed through the high temperature. Hot or repair the floor surface with a hot plate or a high temperature iron. After the surface of the teak floor is made without joints and traces, it is polished and polished to finally achieve the effect of shining as a mirror. At this point, the teak floor is waxed.

Special wood wax oil:

Using German imported Oushi wood wax oil, Oushi wood wax oil is based on natural vegetable oil and vegetable wax. It can fully combine with wood fiber to enhance the surface hardness of wood, prevent foreign water and stains, protect and moisturize wood. , maintain and enhance the texture. At the same time, it can also dye wood, which is a combination of good oil and wax in the world! Wood wax oil extracts natural oil wax, does not contain any chemical components, no heavy metal, and has high environmental protection and safety. It does not cause any damage to humans, animals and plants during coating, no cracking, no curling, no peeling and no foaming. Anti-dirty, anti-ultraviolet, weather-resistant, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, surface resistant to pressure, free from general chemical corrosion, contains very little solvent, high solid content (high coating rate), no dilution, no need to fight Bottom, evenly mixed, direct brushing (only one to two times) brushing process will not dry. No harm to humans, animals and plants after drying. The selected natural pigments meet food standards and do not contain any preservatives.

Scope of application

Outdoor furniture, terraces, wall panels, wooden grilles, decks, etc., can also be used for other outdoor wood structures that require moisture and dirt resistance.

OSMO wood special oil protects the wood surface from cracking.

Two decks are required for cruise decks and where water and abrasion resistance are particularly needed. Rough surfaces are generally more expensive.

Teak outdoor floor maintenance:

1) Discharge of water

There is water on the surface of the outdoor floor. If we do not deal with it in time, it will cause discoloration, water stains and cracks. The service life will of course be shortened, so we should wipe it in time and keep it dry.

2) Repair damaged surface treatment

If the floor is partially damaged and does not need sanding, we only need to clean the surface and dry it, then repaint it with the original painted wood wax oil in the damaged area.

3) White turbid

If the water leaks to the floor, the surface of the floor will turn white. This is because the durability of the floor wax is not so good. The floor wax peels off from the surface of the floor and causes diffuse reflection. Therefore, we have to wait for it to dry and then wax it.

4) Regular renovation

If you consider the factors of aging mentioned above, or the factors that often wear out in public parts, or the wooden floor in public places where the flow of people is relatively large, it is recommended to re-coat the wax once every six months. When re-waxing, clean the surface of the floor first, no need to polish, just brush on the surface.

5) Use of pharmaceuticals

If the outdoor floor is stained with chemicals, we should promptly wipe it with detergent.