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  • Product Introduction

Marine plywood

Production standard: British plywood standard BS1088

Scope of application: outdoor open-air stage, large-scale exhibition decoration project, high-grade waterproof furniture production, offshore station platform, coastal buildings, etc.

Ocean plywood is one of the commonly used materials for industrial plywood yacht and shipbuilding industry, and it is also a kind of man-made board. Marine plywood can be used in yacht, shipbuilding industry, car body parts, etc.

Tang Dynasty Ocean Plywood Series

Product Brief

Name: waterproof plywood, ocean plywood, ocean plywood, phenolic plywood

Product characteristics

1 Waterproof plywood is produced in strict accordance with BS1008 international standard

2. The waterproof splint adopts the imported Taier WBP environmental protection glue and imported waterproofing agent, which meets the Eo standard of environmental protection

3. Waterproof splint has excellent weather resistance, weather resistance, water boiling 72 hours without glue characteristics. Marine plywood plywood is also called "waterproof plywood" and "marine plywood"